Portrait of George Washington Borough of Washington, Warren County, New Jersey

Street Devils Indoor Street Hockey

2018 Registration OPEN

Deadline is December 15, 2017

**Hockey sticks are provided but if you want to bring your own you can, the bottom just needs to be properly wrapped** 

**Please note no refunds for any sport or activities will be given once the event season has started or after the 3rd practice**




Street Hockey became a Washington Borough sport in the late Nineties when the Recreation Commission contacted the New Jersey Devils to sponsor this exciting youth sport. Since then, the New Jersey Devils have partnered with us each winter to bring another season of hockey to the Borough. The Devils supply the game equipment and we supply the coaches and players.

Why is it called “street hockey” when it is played in the gym?

Street hockey rules are used to run this winter sport. The playing area is set up in a gym, and the participants play in sneakers, instead of roller skates.

What ages can play?

Washington Borough residents, boys and girls, in grades K though 8 are eligible to play street hockey. Children outside of Washington Borough may join, if space permits.

Where are the games played?

Children in grades K through 3 play at Taylor Street school gym. Children in 4th through 8th grades play at Memorial School gym.

What happens if the school where a practice or game is scheduled is closed for some reason?

The game, or event is cancelled. If it's a game the coaches will be incontact with the parents to set up a make up game.

When does the season start?

The season begin in January and runs through mid-March.

What days of the week will we practice and play?

Practice and games are held Tuesdays and Thursdays, in the evening.

How often will we practice, and how many games do we play?

Practice frequency is up to the coach, but gym availability generally dictates only one practices a week. Each team will play one game per week, and once the game schedule begins, practices will no longer be held.

What equipment do I need to provide and where can I get it?

Starting with safety, if you wear braces, consult your orthodontist about protective mouthgear. If you wear eyeglasses, consult your optometrist to determine if they are appropriate to wear during sports. You need to supply a hockey helmet, hockey gloves (to protect your hands), elbow pads and shin guards. Soccer shin guards may be used. The gloves, pads and shin guards come packaged together and are available for purchase at sporting goods stores. The helmet is purchased separately, also from a sporting goods store.

All Hockey sticks must have protective covers so that the flooring of the gym is protected - no exceptions. Any player without protective covering, if none can be provided, will not play or practice. Indoor sneakers are best, such as basketball sneakers, because the soles are made for running and stopping on gym surfaces. Players may not wear shoes with black soles, as these leave unsightly marks on the floor.


Who can I call to become a coach or if I have more questions?

Adam Zimmer is the Recreation Commission liaison for Street Hockey.
Feel free to contact him at
NJhitman25@yahoo.com OR (908) 652-1099.