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Must be a 1st time 9th grader and may not be on
a travel, club or high school team.

**Please note no refunds for any sport or activities will be given
once the event season has started or after the 3rd practice**

Frequently asked questions
fastpitch softball

Washington Borough’s recreational softball teams participate in the Warren County Girls’ Softball Association.  The upper three levels’ teams will participate in 10-12 regular season games, including a weekend tournament. The youngest players have six games during the season. The season includes playoffs for 5th through 9th grade teams and an All Star game for players selected from of those teams. The League bylaws are based on American Softball Association rules. Washington Borough plays other towns’ teams from all over Warren County.  Softball is now open to Kindergarten through 9th grade. There are four levels of play: Pony (Grades K,1 & 2), Junior (Grades 3 &4); Intermediate (Grades 5 & 6) and Senior (Grades 7,8,9).

Please contact Gary Masenior, Recreation Director (908) 689-3600 ex 136.



Taylor Colon watches the pitcher before stepping up to the plate.

Washington Borough’s Intermediate Softball team are the 2011 Champions in the Warren County Girls’ Softball League.  The team beat first place Independence to advance to the championship game, then beat a very strong Harmony team.  The team also came in 4th in the county-wide tournament.  The championship capped the most successful softball season in years for Washington. Congratulations to the team and coaches.


What is “fastpitch” softball?

Fastpitch is the most commonly played version of softball for girls in grade school, high school and college. It refers to the style of the pitch, which is generally horizontal, rather than the high arced pitch of “Slowpitch” softball. 

Who coaches my team?

Coaches are volunteers from the community. The coach will likely need some help from other parents. For example, a coach may not conduct practice without another adult present.

 When does the season start?

Practices may begin any time, but with limited indoor space, many coaches wait until the weather breaks in March. The season begins the third week of April. Make sure your coach knows which games you will not be available to play at least one week before the season starts.

What days of the week will we practice and play?

Practice days are determined by the coaches. Weekday games require teams to be on the field by 5 or 5:30 for a 6PM game. Saturday games are played in the morning. Game days vary depending on the level: Juniors generally play Tuesday and Friday. Intermediates usually play Wednesday and Saturday. Seniors usually play Thursday and Saturday. The League schedules the games.

What equipment do I need to provide and where can I get it?

Hair tie, helmet, glove, sliding pad and cleats for safety. Starting at the top


  • Cap, sunglasses, hair bands or barrettes. It’s very important to keep hair and sun out of your eyes…so you can SEE the ball! Many travel and high school players keep a roll of something called “prewrap” in their equipment bag. Comes in many bright colors and is great for tying hair back. Also, Visors are optional and up to the parent/guardian to purchase. These items can be purchased at any sporting goods store.

  • Helmet with face guard and chin strap. This is a rule. The team has helmets, but if you choose to purchase your own, you can find them at Allsports, Modells or any sporting goods store, helmets are made by Rawlings, Nike, and other sports equipment manufacturers. If you already have a helmet, purchase a faceguard and chinstrap of the same brand to ensure it fits the helmet. Nike faceguards and chinstraps do not fit Rawlings helmets.

  • If you wear braces, consult your orthodontist about protective mouthgear.

  • If you wear eyeglasses, consult your optometrist to determine if they are appropriate to wear during sports.


    • Glove: Do not use a glove that is plastic. Use a leather glove that fits well, extends beyond the fingers a bit and is soft enough to squeeze shut. Don’t buy a very stiff glove. There are plenty of gloves that are pre-conditioned. Any sporting goods stores have a good selection now.