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Unfortunately due to lack of interest the Field Hockey program was cancelled for 2013.

Please contact Michael Nachbaur
(miken0830@msn.com)  if you are interested in organizing and entering a 6 person team.  Only one team per town per division is permitted.  Cost per team is $300

2 Divisions
-2nd - 4th Grade
-5th - 6th Grade

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Washington Borough Field Hockey has a long tradition of developing future Blue Streaks for Warren Hills High School’s excellent field hockey team. Washington Borough plays in the Warren County Youth Junior Field Hockey League. Played in the fall, players are taught skills required for the game, teamwork and sportsmanship. Games are played throughout Warren County.

How old must my child be to play field hockey?

The league welcomes all players from grades 2nd through 6th.

Is field hockey dangerous?

All sports carry some inherent risk. Field hockey uses a small hard ball that is hit with a curved stick, but the players can not swing the sticks. The ball must be pushed along the ground. The players are coached well, and wear protective gear to minimize the risk of injury.

I have heard that players in grades 3 through 6 all play on the field at the same time. Why does field hockey do this?

Washington Borough plays in the Youth Junior Field Hockey League, which is an instructional league. The league goal is to teach the basics of the game and the importance of sportsmanship and team work. Older players are encouraged to mentor the younger players.

When does the season start?

Field hockey begins practicing on Thursday, August TBD at TBD, and games begin September TBD.. Washington Twp hosts a play date on TBD. (2012 dates to be determined)


Where do games take place and what teams do Washington Borough play?

The “win” in is not the ultimate objective in this league. All children will play a minimum of a half each half. No league standings are kept. Games can be played Monday-Friday and Sunday afternoon.

What days of the week will we practice and play?

Games are played during the week, and on Sunday afternoons.

What equipment do I need to provide and where can I get it?

  • Starting with safety, if you wear braces, consult your orthodontist about protective mouth gear. If you wear eyeglasses, consult your optometrist to determine if they are appropriate to wear during sports.

  • All players must wear a mouth guard and shin guards at each practice and game. Please purchase a mouthguard and a pair of shin guards with a hard shell - the foam types do not offer enough protection for Field Hockey. These items can be purchased at Allsports or any sports store.

  • No jewelry is to be worn at practice or at games. This includes necklaces, rings and earring. Hair should be tied back using soft hair bands or scrunchies.

  • Wear soft comfortable layers when the weather starts getting cooler in the fall.


Are there any local clinics for players or coaches?

Local clinics and other information will be distributed before the season begins.

Who can I call to become a coach or if I have more questions?
Michael Nachbaur is the Recreation Commission liaison for Field Hockey. Feel free to contact him at 908-752-0292 or miken0830@msn.com.

Can boys play field hockey?
Yes, boys can play. Scott Stauffer and Chase Darwin are two Washington Borough adults who, as boys, played field hockey. In Canada, Europe and Asia, field hockey is, like soccer, a sport for both genders.